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PowervRA v2.2.0 – Invoking a vRA data collection

With the latest release we are pleased to provide you with the ability to start a vRA data collection from PowervRA! Invoke-vRADataCollection takes advantage of the o11n-gateway-service endpoint which appeared in vRA 7.1. From the documentation: The orchestration gateway service provides a gateway to VMware Realize Orchestrator (vRO) for services running on vRealize Automation. By using the […]

Announcing PowervRA v2.0.0!

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of PowervRA v2.0.0! One of the biggest changes in this release is support for PowerShell Core. I’ve got to tip my hat to the PowerShell team and the community members that have contributed for doing a sterling job so far. Considering the project is only in its alpha […]

PowervRA v1.5.0 – Improved support for the content-mangaement-service API

With the release of PowervRA v1.5.0 we now have richer support for the content-management-service API. We’ve included some new functionality for viewing content and adjusted the naming scheme of some existing functions. The content-management-service set now includes: Get-vRAContent Get-vRAContentData Get-vRAContentType Get-vRAPackage New-vRAPackage Remove-vRAPackage Export-vRAPackage Test-vRAPackage Creating and exporting packages New-vRAPackage now supports the addition multiple content […]

Managing local vRA users with PowervRA

One of the current limitations with vRA7 is that once a local user has been created it can’t be modified. Since v1.20 PowervRA has provided ability to interact with local user principals by using the following set of functions: Get-vRAUserPrincipal Set-vRAUserPrincipal New-vRAUserPrincipal Remove-vRAUserPrincipal