SharePoint 2010 – The Unattended Service Account Application ID is notspecified or has an invalid value.

You recieve the following security error from SharePoint 2010 Central Admin:

  • The Unattended Service Account Application ID is not specified or has an invalid value.

Explanation:“The Unattended Service Account is a single account that all documents can use to refresh data. It is required when connecting to data sources external to SharePoint, such as SQL. Without a valid Unattended Service Account Application ID, Visio Graphics Services will not be able to refresh Web Drawings that are connected to external data sources.
The rule for the Unattended Service Account Application ID failed. The ID does not exist. Visio Graphics Service”

TechNet article about Planning the Secure Service – here

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Bulk import user pictures in to Active Directory

There are so many scripts that will do this for you and as good as it is to be knee deep in Power Shell, sometimes it’s handy to have a decent GUI tool knocking about.
My favorite (and one of the only ones that I have seen that does what it says on the tin) is Bulk AD Users by WiseSoft. It’s as simple as a connecting to your AD DS instance and updating the attribute that you want to change. In this case, unless there are other requirements, I recommend using the thumbnailPhoto attribute as it interfaces nicely with Exchange and SharePoint 2010.

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