The Search Service is not able to connect to the Machine that hosts the administration components

After having some issues with the Search Service Application that is created when you run the SharePoint 2010 Farm Configuration wizard I decided to delete it and manually configure my own Search Service app (conforming to M$ best practices). To my annoyance after creating the Service Application and clicking in to configure it I got the following error message:

The Search Service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration components

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Deleting local profiles using VBscript

For those still using Windows XP here is a nice script that I used to use in a previous life to remove the masses of local profiles collected on our systems.

Obviously now with Windows Vista and 7 (in an enterprise environment) you can just set the GPO “Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/User Profiles/Delete user profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart“. Which makes all of our lives easier…

Here’s the script anyway – I ran this locally on each machine but it can easily be deployed via GPO. Just make sure you are wise about when you deploy it as it could take a lot of time to process (depending on how many local profiles are on the system) and delay your users Logon experience.

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PowerShell – Creating Active Directory users from a CSV

It looks like I’ve been on a bit of a PowerShell trip this week (ha?) – I needed to quickly create about 50 temporary users so decided to push my old CreateUsers.VBS to one side and have a look at what PowerShell can do for me. After reading a few articles I came across this Blog by a guy called Josh Twist and his post on creating user accounts in PowerShell (which was exactly what I was looking for).

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PowerShell – Deleting home directories from a list (CSV)

Working in an environment where users are constantly coming and going can be a bit of a stress sometimes especially when it’s housekeeping time! Luckily we have a warehouse that runs every night and updates our MIS systems with current user info.. We then export that information and do a bit of DSMOD trickery to separate old from new (Neanderthal I know but what can you do?).

Anyway, the problem was that we have never addressed the old user home directories when carrying out the above, leaving a back log and using up a fair bit of space. So i thought I’d give PowerShell a go and see how much scripting effort it would take to get rid and free up some much needed space.

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