[%Encoded Absolute URL%] link to form not opening inbrowser #Infopath #SharePoint

Had a pretty successful meeting today with our Web Dev guy today and managed to finalize our first InfoPath form and Workflow!

We have our InfoPath forms browser enabled & we are using the [%Current Item:Encoded Absolute URL%] lookup as a hyperlink in the email sent by the workflow. When the user clicked the link to the form via their email (which linked directly to the XML document) it would open up in InfoPath filler.. this is not what we wanted…

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Change a fields value to lowercase in InfoPath 2010

Ahhh! My first form is almost finished… Just thought i’d blog this function (even though it’s probably hanging arround a million other places on the net).

I needed to ensure a few fields were always lowercase so I applied the translate function as a rule to the required fields:

translate(.,"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYXZ", "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwyxz")

“.” (above) referes to the current field.

The rule it self looks like this: