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Mapping a vCAC:Entity Machine Prefix to a vCACCAFE:MachinePrefix

Background Back in November last year I was asked to create an Advanced Service that would automate the creation of new “customers” in vRA. One of the first issues I came across was that the output of the Create a Machine Prefix workflow was a vCAC:Entity object and the type for defaultMachinePrefix in the Create a […]

OneTimeSecret REST API vRO Package

I sometimes use to send passwords or secrets around. It feels like a nice way to get the job done. It turns out that their API is pretty simple too. So I decided it would be fun to create a package to demonstrate how easy it is to extend vRealize Orchestrator with third party […]

Storing JSON files as vRealize Orchestrator Resource Elements

Let’s say that you have a reasonably large JSON template that you need to POST to a REST API via the HTTP-REST plugin. How do you go about storing it for use in your vRealize Orchestrator workflow without having to escape line breaks, worry about formatting and most importantly update values so each POST is […]