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Get resources provisioned by a vRA request in vRO

Sometimes you might need to programatically get information about resources provisioned by an IaaS request in vRA. This can easily be achieved by using the getResourcesProvisionedByRequest() method of vCACCAFECatalogConsumerRequestService. It will return a vCACCAFEPagedResource object on which you call getContent() to get at the underlying information. In this case it is an array of vCACCAFECatalogResource. […]

Unable to cancel running workflow in vRO

Whilst working on a set of multi-node workflows I ended up with a run that was stuck in a loop of doom. For one reason or another it could not be cancelled via the GUI and it was beginning to have an effect on the overall performance of the server. On an off chance I decided to […]

Prettifying JSON strings with JSON.stringify()

Something that I’m sure you will all be aware of is that you can “pretty print” a JavaScript object with JSON.stringify. So for example, System.log(object) will log a flat JSON string to the console by default. The other week, one of guys that I’m working with on my current engagement pointed me towards the space parameter of JSON.stringify(). Here […]

vRealize Automation Reservation Manager vRO package

A while ago I pushed this package to flow grab. It’s called Reservation Manager and provides a way to create vRealize Automation reservations based on JSON templates. It uses the vCACCAFERestClient scripting class provided by the vRA Orchestrator plug-in so requires no HTTP-REST host config and no additional authentication. Functionality is still pretty basic but the […]