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Getting started with vRO plugin development – Part 2

In part one we successfully built a vRO plugin from the com.vmware.o11n:o11n-archetype-spring archetype. In part two we are going to make some basic changes to the out of the box class and add our own method for consumption in vRO. Before you go any further though, i’d highly recommend reading the vRO 6 Developers Guide document. It […]

Getting started with vRO plugin development – Part 1

vRO plugin development is something I’ve wanted to get in to for ages. Mainly because I wanted an excuse to do some more learning around JAVA and also because it’s an area of the product that I know little about. The main issue with getting the ball rolling with this was the serious lack of […]

Getting CDP information for vSphere hosts and clusters in vRO

This morning I noticed a conversation on twitter that pointed to the following communities post: It reminded me that I had to do the same a while back. The requirement was to interrogate the hosts and send an email to the requester with cdp information in the body of the message and also as a html attachment.

List of available VCAC:VirtualMachine entity links

Off the back of my previous post, I thought it would be a good idea to post a list of the links available from a virtual machine entity: vCAC:VirtualMachine Links KeyPairCommon StaticIPv4Addresses ParentVirtualMachine VMToNetworks Cost Approver AppServiceComponent Host VMPerformance VirtualMachineProperties VirtualMachineExt ChildVirtualMachines VMSnapshots AppServiceComponentTemplates HostReservation VMDiskHardware HostReservationToStorage VirtualMachineTemplate ResourcePool Requests Components PhysicalMachine Owner StateOperations

Retrieve snapshot information from a vCAC:VirtualMachine

I’d always wondered if you could retrieve snapshot information from a vCACVirtualMachine object. As it wasn’t immediately obvious from the API explorer I put the idea to bed and got on with other things. However, it turns out you can get this information but you need to get the VMEntity then look at the VMSnapshots […]