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Managing Reservations With PowervRA

Since the initial release of PowervRA I’ve been busy hacking away at bug fixes, improvements and new features. One that we were keen to get out of the door was support for reservations. The reservation-service API is a mammoth and even though I’d had a fair battles with it in the past, I underestimated the […]

Troubleshooting failed catalog item requests with PowervRA

Here is a quick tip that will show you how to quickly troubleshoot a failed request in vRA. Connect to your vRA instance: Connect-vRAServer -Server vra.corp.local -Tenant Tenant01 -Credential (Get-Credential) -IgnoreCertRequirements Now find the failed request: Get-vRAConsumerRequest | Where-Object {$_.StateName -eq “Failed”} | Select RequestNumber, RequestedItemName, StateName | Sort-Object -Property RequestNumber Then to determine the […]

List of available VCAC:VirtualMachine entity links

Off the back of my previous post, I thought it would be a good idea to post a list of the links available from a virtual machine entity: vCAC:VirtualMachine Links KeyPairCommon StaticIPv4Addresses ParentVirtualMachine VMToNetworks Cost Approver AppServiceComponent Host VMPerformance VirtualMachineProperties VirtualMachineExt ChildVirtualMachines VMSnapshots AppServiceComponentTemplates HostReservation VMDiskHardware HostReservationToStorage VirtualMachineTemplate ResourcePool Requests Components PhysicalMachine Owner StateOperations

Retrieve snapshot information from a vCAC:VirtualMachine

I’d always wondered if you could retrieve snapshot information from a vCACVirtualMachine object. As it wasn’t immediately obvious from the API explorer I put the idea to bed and got on with other things. However, it turns out you can get this information but you need to get the VMEntity then look at the VMSnapshots […]

Introducing PowervRA

In July 2015 I started work on vRAAPIClient. The idea behind the project was to give me a better insight in to how to drive vRA via it’s REST API. I learnt a lot about Python and about the application itself.  However, work, life and other projects got in the way and as a result development stopped. […]