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Reset the password of a local vRA user principal with vRO

A question that I frequently see popping up is “How can I reset the password of local user in vRA?“. A while back I blogged about how to achive this with PowervRA and Set-vRAUserPrincipal. However that might not be applicable to every situation. An alternative solution could be to use a vRO workflow. The workflow could […]

Retrieving the email address of a vRA user principal via vRO

If you don’t have access to Active Directory via the vRO plugin retrieving information about a certain user can be tricky. Here is a quick example showing how to retrieve an email address from a vRA user principal with vRO. Obviously assuming that you have chosen to sync the attribute in your directory configuration.

Managing local vRA users with PowervRA

One of the current limitations with vRA7 is that once a local user has been created it can’t be modified. Since v1.20 PowervRA has provided ability to interact with local user principals by using the following set of functions: Get-vRAUserPrincipal Set-vRAUserPrincipal New-vRAUserPrincipal Remove-vRAUserPrincipal