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SharePoint 2010 – Cleaning up old timer jobs

After deleting the Search Service Application that got created by running the Farm Configuration Wizard I noticed that there were still some timer jobs relating the application left over. It’s always good to keep on top of your infrastructure housekeeping, no matter how small the element is.

PowerShell – Creating Active Directory users from a CSV

It looks like I’ve been on a bit of a PowerShell trip this week (ha?) – I needed to quickly create about 50 temporary users so decided to push my old CreateUsers.VBS to one side and have a look at what PowerShell can do for me. After reading a few articles I came across this […]

PowerShell – Deleting home directories from a list (CSV)

Working in an environment where users are constantly coming and going can be a bit of a stress sometimes especially when it’s housekeeping time! Luckily we have a warehouse that runs every night and updates our MIS systems with current user info.. We then export that information and do a bit of DSMOD trickery to […]