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PowervRA v2.2.0 – Invoking a vRA data collection

With the latest release we are pleased to provide you with the ability to start a vRA data collection from PowervRA! Invoke-vRADataCollection takes advantage of the o11n-gateway-service endpoint which appeared in vRA 7.1. From the documentation: The orchestration gateway service provides a gateway to VMware Realize Orchestrator (vRO) for services running on vRealize Automation. By using the […]

Using GithubReleaseManager to automate GitHub releases

GitHubReleaseManager GitHubReleaseManager is a PowerShell module that wraps up GitHub’s Releases API. It allows users to automate releases of their software by via the command line or by integrating the module in to build tools such as PSake. About The idea came about while working on another community project. Every release consisted of a number of manual tasks, one of […]

Defining multiple Output Types in a function

Defining an Output Type for a function is a useful way to inform other users or tools about what to expect once the function has been executed. While doing some research I came across the documentation for the OutputType attribute and noticed that it’s possible to set an Output Type per Parameter Set. You can use […]

Quickly list supported API versions for ARM resource types

One of the things that I found the most challenging when learning how to create Resource Manager templates was trying to understand which API versions to use for my resources. The documentation is pretty clear and states that most of the time we should be aiming for the latest API version. It also contains examples showing how […]

Automating Azure Disk Encryption with PowerShell

While studying for the 70-533 exam I decided to take a deep dive in to the Disk encryption feature provided by Azure. Azure Disk Encryption uses BitLocker for Windows or DM-Crypt for Linux enabling users to encrypt OS and data disks of Azure Virtual Machines. It turns out that it’s not just as simple as […]