PowervRA v2.2.0 - Invoking a vRA data collection

• Craig

With the latest release we are pleased to provide you with the ability to start a vRA data collection from PowervRA!

Invoke-vRADataCollection takes advantage of the o11n-gateway-service endpoint which appeared in vRA 7.1.

From the documentation:

The orchestration gateway service provides a gateway to VMware Realize Orchestrator (vRO) for services running on vRealize Automation. By using the gateway, consumers of the API can access a vRO instance, and initiate workflows or script actions without having to deal directly with the vRO APIs.

The new function uses this service to execute the Force data collection workflow that is included as a Library workflow and part of the vRA plugin for vRO.


Usage is simple. You just need the one function, Invoke-vRADataCollection.

  • vRA 7.1 or above is required to use this feature


The function is currently fire and forget and wont return the status of the data collection run. However you can still check the status via the web interface:


Tip: If you want to examine the payload being sent by any New / Set / Invoke functions you can use the Debug switch. For example: