PowervRA v1.5.0 - Improved support for the content-mangaement-service API

• Craig

With the release of PowervRA v1.5.0 we now have richer support for the content-management-service API. We’ve included some new functionality for viewing content and adjusted the naming scheme of some existing functions.

The content-management-service set now includes:

  • Get-vRAContent
  • Get-vRAContentData
  • Get-vRAContentType
  • Get-vRAPackage
  • New-vRAPackage
  • Remove-vRAPackage
  • Export-vRAPackage
  • Test-vRAPackage

Creating and exporting packages

New-vRAPackage now supports the addition multiple content types to a package. In the following example we use Get-vRAContent to return all property groups and composite blueprints. We then create a new package called Package01 that contains our content and export it to the local file system with Export-vRAPackage.

$ContentIds = Get-vRAContent | ? {($_.ContentTypeId -eq "property-group") -or ($_.ContentTypeId -eq "composite-blueprint")} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Id

New-vRAPackage -Name Package01 -ContentId $ContentIds

Export-vRAPackage -Name Package01 -Path C:\MyPackages

Note: This is not a breaking change, so the old functions still exist but are marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release.