Troubleshooting failed catalog item requests with PowervRA

• Craig

Here is a quick tip that will show you how to quickly troubleshoot a failed request in vRA.

Connect to your vRA instance:

Connect-vRAServer -Server vra.corp.local -Tenant Tenant01 -Credential (Get-Credential) -IgnoreCertRequirements

Now find the failed request:

Get-vRAConsumerRequest | Where-Object {$_.StateName -eq "Failed"} | Select RequestNumber, RequestedItemName, StateName | Sort-Object -Property RequestNumber

Then to determine the cause, take a look at the requestCompletion property of the request:

(Get-vRAConsumerRequest -RequestNumber 121).RequestCompletion | Format-List

requestCompletionState : FAILED
completionDetails : A server error was encountered Error requesting machine. Cannot find network profile WebServers..