SharePoint 2010 - Search Center Internal Server Error Exception

• Craig

After provisioning my Enterprise Search Center, setting my content sources and performing the initial crawls I couldn’t seem to actually produce any results from a query and kept getting an “Internal Server Error Exception” message (Bellow).


Here are the steps I took to fix this issue.

  • Go to Application Management and select Configure service application associations under the Service Application heading.
  • Select the default Application Group. This will open the Associations window.


  • There were two application proxies listed for search, one of which was the old deleted one. The one I had manually created (Search Service Application 1) was listed but not selected - Meaning it was not associated with any web applications.
  • To associate the application proxy with the default proxy group; select Search Service Application 1
  • Then click on set as default, followed by OK.
  • Issue an IIS reset on the server that manages Search.

After adding the association I was then able to get search results back from my query.